Fashion blogs you should follow in 2017

Fashion blogs are known to aid you in keeping pace with the latest trends. Hence, we felt the need to create these top fashion brands related blogs to follow. To help you in one-upping your peers, based on your knowledge about the latest trends!

These are the most popular fashion blogs that you should follow in 2017.

1. Park and Cube ( )
This Blog is run by Seoul-born London resident Shini Park. This blog comes with a difference, it’s quite eye-catching, with everything properly laid out. And here recommendations are usually great. Another added bonus, she’s also a foodie, so you can keep pace with latest food trends too! She also runs a DIY ( Do it Yourself ) section, gleaming with a lot of her self-professed creations!

2. Stella’s Wardrobe ( )
Run by History graduate Stella Katterman, who’s instantly recognized by her bleached skin and fringes. He blog has a personalized touch to it, with the major number of posts laid out in a hand-written font style, accompanied by a suitable illustration. She writes on everything from why fashion is important to her father’s death the year before.

3. Pernille Teisbaek ( )
Run by the hip and street style regular Pernille Teisbaek. She burst into the social media scene in the year 2012, laden in her dusty jeans and Gucci loafers. And, since then, has been enthralling her audience with her humorous yet elegant take on the fashion of today.

4. Helena Bordon ( )
Run by the astoundingly beautiful and famous Brazilian blogger Helena Bordon. She hails from Sao Paulo and is known to be BRzail’s most influential fashion blogger. If she’s an authority on fashion, in a country with over 250 million people, then she is bound to be amazing! And she is. She offer’s her inside style, beauty, health tips and her take on fashion on her eponymous blog.

5. Man Repeller ( )
Run by the one with the funny bone, New Yorker Leandra Medine. She kicked off her blogging career with a blog known as Blog + Bagels, having tasted much success with her humorous take on fashion, and specifically that of today. A comical conversation with her colleague about the dresses of today being heavy “Man repellant”, led her to create this blog. She puts out funny takes on different fashion senses, like jeans worn by men and that worn by women.

6. 5 Inch and up ( )
Run by finish native, and design Graduate Sandra Hagelstam. She does cover fashion and beauty really well, but her take on shoes are of the highest quality. If you are looking forward to formulating an opinion on the best shoes, or something along those lines. Then her’s is a blog to visit!

7. The frugality ( )
Run by London-based fashionista Alex Stedman. This blog is run by Alex to target people who run on low budgets, albeit still wanna remain fashionable. She reviews all the latest trends in mid-tier fashion trends, to provide you access to the best fashion brands that you may find. Her take is quite critical in nature, and she wants to make sure her visitors get the best bargain and don’t end up splurging on useless products.