A List of the Most Expensive Bags for Women

The 1001 Nights Diamond Purse from Mouawad

A woman’s handbag is a practical accessory. For example, she can carry a multitude of things in it including a change of clothes, shoes, and makeup among other items. Therefore, handbags are always in demand among women. Here is a list of the most expensive woman’s bags.

The 1001 Nights Diamond Purse from Mouawad

Mouawad deals in fashion accessories including handbags, necklaces, and watches among other things. It designed this purse, which is now worth $3.8 million. The company had to employ ten artisans to make it, and it took them one year to complete it. It is a heart shaped purse made from 18-karat gold in addition to 56 pink diamonds, 4,356 colorless diamonds, and 105 yellow diamonds.

– The Birkin Bag designed by Ginza Tanaka

Hermes manufactures Birkin bags, which are a symbol of luxury and wealth among celebrities. On average, a Birkin bag costs $7,800 to $156,650. However, Ginza Tanaka designed the most expensive one. Its features include an outer shell made of 2,000 diamonds. You can also remove the strap on the purse and then use it as a necklace or bracelet. Moreover, it has a centerpiece diamond made of eight-carat diamond stone that you can also wear as a brooch. This bag costs $1.9 million.

– The Diamond Forever Bag from Chanel

Chanel is a fashion powerhouse dealing in clothes, perfume, jewelry, and accessories. In 2016, its sales revenue stood at $5.2 billion. Therefore, it is not surprising that Chanel produces one of the most expensive bags in the world. More specifically, its Diamond Forever purse costs $261,000. Only thirteen of them exist with five of them being in the United States. The bag, made from crocodile leather, has 3.56 carats of 334 diamonds and 18 karats of white gold.

– The Cleopatra Bag from Lana Marks

Lana Marks is a renowned fashion designer who hails from South Africa. She now lives in Palm Beac, Florida. She designed the Cleopatra Bag, which costs $250,000. This bag is part of her Cleopatra series. She only produces one bag in this series each year making them a highly coveted item among wealthy celebrities. She makes the Cleopatra bag from the hide of alligators. It comes in a silver hue. Another feature includes an 18-karat white gold clasp encrusted with 1,500 white and black diamonds.

– The Precious Rose Bag from Leiber

Judith Leiber founded her design company in 1963 after working for several fashion houses. In 1994, she received an achievement award from the Fashion Designer’s Council. Her most expensive work is the Precious Rose Bag. This bag comes in the shape of a rose. Precious stones that make up part of it include 1,196 pink sapphires, 800 tourmalines, and 1,016 diamonds. It looks classy and presentable. It is especially suitable as an evening purse. It costs $92,000.

– The Gadino Bag designed by Hilde Palladino

This bag, made of sturdy white crocodile leather, has 39 high-quality diamonds placed on its clasps. The most enticing thing about this bag is that it has an exquisite design suitable for all occasions. It looks sleek, elegant, and fashionable and it can go with almost any outfit. Hilde Palladino, a Norwegian designer, came up with the concept. Currently, the bag is worth $38,470.


written by: BestSEOWriter2010s