10 Popular Fashion Brands

Fashion Brands

Wearing luxury brands is a must for true fashionistas. These days, a lot of fashion enthusiasts know that it is very important to wear clothing and accessories from the biggest names in the industry. Besides, fashion products from these companies are always of the highest quality and they look very classy. This is exactly the main reason why they have become a huge hit despite their typically expensive price tags.As time moves on designers are emerging with exquisite fashion designs that are rocking the world in every respect. Each year individuals want to go with the new fashion trend in the market.

What are some of the brands you should consider if you want to look elegant? Read on and check out the top 10 fashion brands in the fashion world today.

1. Calvin Klein

You’re not a true fashion aficionado if you do not know Calvin Klein. This fashion brand is very popular. It’s an established brand of fashion with a wide range of products such as handbags, dresses, and shoes. Calvin Klein is one of the leading men’s and women fashion designers in the market. For individuals seeking Calvin Klein designs you just have to visit the company and the relevant fashion clothes and trends will be there waiting for you.

2. Drunknmunky.

This fashion brand was specifically designed so that individuals would express themselves openly with their own style. The designers are able to come up with brands that meet your expectations and needs. For instance, if you want to express yourself as a hero they know what to go for and what to do so as to bring the message out clearly.

3. Hugo Boss

One common public misconception is that being fashionable is only a thing for women. This is definitely not true and Hugo Boss is a brand that disproves that. This brand produces stylish clothing for men. They offer a diverse selection that includes everything from suits, shoes, fragrance, and more.


Another popular brand is Prada. In fact, there was a movie named after it. This brand boasts simple and sophisticated designs which are totally eye catchy. In fact, some of their dresses are seen worn by top stars.

6. Evisu.

This particular fashion brand is meant for children, men, and women. In addition to this, they also provide casual wears. The designers producing Evisu fashion as a brand is a Japanese company. The company is among the top designers in the production of top clothing both official and casual.

5. Chanel

Established way back 1909, Chanel is highly respected as one of the true pioneers in the fashion world. Aside from their clothes, the brand is also popular for their watches, handbags, and fragrances.

6. Versace

Coming straight from Italy is popular perfume, accessories, and clothing maker Versace. Their products are always classy and very attractive. The brand also has boutiques and stores in locations such as Milano, New York, and much more.

7. Satyenkumar 

This is a British wear men’s design brand. The line combines outlandish colors and fabrics to give you that perfect look. The fashion is very outstanding. With the outlandish colors, you easily become noticeable among the crowd. This is one of the hot shots of 2017 and boy it deserves it.

9. Christian Dior

The brand with best-selling make-up products, Christian Dior is also popular for their watches, fragrances, handbags, and other luxury items.

10. My Edo.

The brand is normally provided for People mostly working in offices. My Edo is the ideal pick for those of you who want to look smart, confident and expressive. The brand is that kind of cloth or fashion that tells everyone that you mean business.

The above brands are among the top five to look for in 2017.The brands are properly designed to meet your needs and expectation. Fashion designing has come of age and in this era of trendy and innovative wears, you can’t afford to be left behind. For sure these are the brands to go out for in order to look spectacular. The good thing is such top brands despite their perceived affluence are very affordable for anyone of you.

After all, fashion isn’t just about spending and spending. Looking good and expressive in what you wear is just a matter of being trendy. With that point well noted, if there is a fashion brand that can help you achieve that the five listed above have got to be the ideal pick for you.

written by: jonahmu4